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Center for Translational Biomedical Research Welcomes Dr. Qibin Zhang

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The Center for Translational Biomedical Research is excited to announce the arrival of our new Co-Director, Dr. Qibin Zhang.

Dr. Zhang will co-direct the Center and work to establish and expand collaborative research opportunities within the UNCG, NCRC, and with the local colleges, universities and biotech companies. Zhang’s NIH funded research programs include developing ultrasensitive measurement capabilities for analysis of lipids –  the biomolecules underlying many of the human disorders, such as cancer and diabetes, and discover novel biomarkers for early diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, a devastating disorder mostly occurred in children.

“Our goal is to build a first class research center focusing on early diagnosis and mechanistic understanding of human disease,” he said. “We will develop novel methods for high throughout measurement of biomolecules, and apply these capabilities in clinical diagnosis and pathogenic understanding of human diseases for their early treatment and prevention.  I am very impressed by the research facilities and the great accomplishments in nutrition and medicinal biochemistry related research at NCRC and UNCG, and am excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues for a better understanding of the interaction between the environment and human health.”

Dr. Zhang previously worked at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the Department of Energy as a Senior Scientist in the Biological Sciences Division. He holds a PhD degree from University of California Riverside in Analytical Chemistry and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Shandong Normal University in China.