Welcome to The Center for Translational Biomedical Research



The UNCG Center for Translational Biomedical Research (CTBR), a satellite to the Office of Research and Economic Development, is located at the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC, www.ncresearchcampus.org) in Kannapolis, NC (near Charlotte; ~70 miles SW of Greensboro).

The UNCG CTBR is housed in the UNC Nutrition Research Building, and possesses 5000 sq. ft. of office and laboratory space. The center consists of two research groups, the Laboratory of Metabolomics and the Laboratory of Metabolic Liver Disease. The mission of the UNCG CTBR is to implement biomedical discoveries for understanding of disease pathogenesis and development of novel interventions for prevention and treatment.

Research Focus

The current research activities at the CTBR focus on metabolic diseases. Metabolism refers to all chemical reactions in the body cells to convert or use energy.

Specific proteins in the cells control the chemical reactions of metabolism. Metabolic disease refers a medical condition that develops when metabolic reactions do not run normally. Scientists at the CTBR are conducting research to reveal causes of metabolic diseases and to explore dietary interventions such as using bioactive ingredients from food, plants and traditional Chinese medicines for the prevention and treatment. Fatty liver disease, an emerging health problem worldwide, is one of the major research efforts currently undertaken at the CTBR.

Research Facilities

Scientists at the CTBR conduct research utilizing cell models, animal models and human subjects. The facilities at the CTBR are able to support diverse research activities including metabolomics, biochemistry and molecular biology, and cell biology and pathology. Facilities for metabolomics study include a state-of-the-art metabolomics platform featuring an Agilent HPLC/TOF-MS system and a Leco GC/TOF-MS, Agilent LC2D HPLC systems, and Buchi Sepacore preparative chromatography.

Facilities for biochemistry and molecular biology include Applied Biosystems 9700 PCR System and 7500 real-time PCR System, Hoefer 2D Gel Electrophoresis System, Fujifilm Luminescent Image Analyzer LAS4000 System, Biotek Microplate Reader, Berthold LUMAT LB9507 Luminometer, Termo Nanodrop 200 spectrophotometer, Bio-Rad Electroperation System, Beckman Optima Max XP Ulrtacentrifuge, and Sorvall WX-80 Ultracentrifuge.

The facilities for cell biology and pathology include Zeiss LSM 700 confocal microscope, Olympus BX51 and 1X715 Fluorescent Microscopes/Imaging Systems, Nikon Eclipse 55i Microscope/Imaging System, Leica CM1850 Cryostat Microtome, Thermo HM450 Sliding Microtome, and TBS TEC-120 Tissue Embedding Center. Cell culture facilities include Nauire Biological Safety Cabinets and CO2 Incubators. The CTBR also facilitated with general laboratory equipment, including low-speed/high-speed centrifuges, tissue homogenizers, -80°C freezers, autoclave machine, freezing dryer, water purification systems, etc.